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And if you are ready to be one of the women who WIN in life and in loveā€¦ then sign up for this one-of-a kind training where I will teach you:. I do this no matter their situation and I do it in a matter of weeks!

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Sign up for this free masterclass! Does this sound like you? In this training, I , ll show you:. My signature method to help you remove all the emotional blocks and blind spots that are keeping high quality men from coming toward you, so you can fearlessly let REAL love in with the Right Man and avoid the noncommittal, emotionally unavailable, fixer-uppers or only interested in a physical relationship. The proven formula my female clients use to ask for what they need and want in a relationship without sounding needy, insecure or demanding so you can change your entire approach immediately.

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Other projects helped me in other aspects, to develop my personal and professional skills. Ten years and almost 90 traveled countries later, I sat down and reflected on what I have learned by taking on these adventure challenges.

I supported them with the ChallengeChange program as a speaker for seminars, keynotes, and workshops. Feel free to have a look at the review section to read more about clients who developed a successful and motivational workforce.

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So far, I have had all sorts of clients from several different countries. Also, quite often a corporation books me as a seminar speaker for leadership, sales or resilience topics. Mostly there are obstacles holding employees and managers back from a satisfied work life, for example through unclear goal setting, lack of setting boundaries, missing work-life balance or mediocre resilience.

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Other clients have reached out to me because they experience conflicts in their workforce. About a third of my clients want to improve their intercultural workforce situation, with a better intercultural understanding between certain employees and departments. They often ask themselves, is the current situation what we want, or do we want to invest in personal and professional development seminars to change the unsatisfying situation? I often help my clients in solving conflicts or in setting boundaries, to create a better balance in business relationships.

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Part of my work as a seminar speaker is finding solutions directly during a group workshop to improve a situation. Clients can book me as a seminar speaker for one day or two day seminars.

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Looking for "the one?" Or still working up the nerve to put yourself out there? Connect with an expert Denver Dating Coach, and find the love you want. Why is the Dating Coaching industry booming? Because modern dating is challenging. With the ocean of options (and potential pitfalls) that modern dating offers.

Additionally, I offer webinars on time management, change management, resilience, stress management, intercultural training, and motivation. All the above results in a high success rate for my clients in achieving their desired goals and in embracing changes, even after a one-day workshop, if they are willing to work hard and do their homework. The ChallengeChange coaching program is based on a time frame of one or two days with a high success rate on embracing change in the lives of employees and managers.

A follow-up program can be booked if needed and wanted. My seminars are usually equipped with inspiration, certified tools for personal development, a keynote, group work, and practice-orientated exercises. This may remind you of school, but do not to worry.

After each seminar, participants usually set their own challenge, which is related to their goals. Alternatively, I offer a specific challenge to encourage employees to leave their comfort zone, which brings them closer to their goals.


These challenges always relate to their current situation. A typical challenge would be to work on all seven resilience pillars at home.

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By following my program, employees and leaders learn how to strategically accept their fear and anxiety, to be able to overcome these obstacles. This ties in with the next pillar of the ChallengeChange program.

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Everyone who has joined my seminar, may also be invited to call me for additional and motivational advice. On top of this service, the workforce receives scientific articles and studies on their subject matter after the seminar. Here is a summary of the five pillars of my ChallengeChange success program service as your speaker for seminars:.

As a speaker for seminars, keynotes, and training, I am available from early morning hours until evening hours for more information.


My seminars are usually equipped with inspiration, certified tools for personal development, a keynote, group work, and practice-orientated exercises. Learn More. Are you looking to support your employees, to overcome stress symptoms, embrace change or solve conflicts? Your Denver dating coach will bring out the true masculine guy within you. Register Now.

Clients who wish to know more about my professional activities, please have a look at my motivational keynotes and seminars related to leadership, change management, motivation, stress management, resilience, conflict management, procrastination, time management, and intercultural development. I hope you enjoyed reading about my services as a seminar speaker.

I am looking forward to hearing from you via the contact button soon!