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My father has been a member here since I was in elementary. At times when we get together to talk, he shares with us, especially with me, the biblical lessons that he learns.

Hounded by the enemy, he still carries on

There was one time that I really cannot forget. It was the last time we met before I attended the first indoctrination session. He told me what would happen when Christ appears.

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As I was looking at my father telling the story, it really left a great impression on me. I got really afraid of being in hell. I hope that they will be able to continue, and may they be given many more days that they may be able to go on preaching for our family to grow, so to speak. Their teachings are good, and really go straight to the heart. The doctrine about the four kinds of hearts really struck me. But when we got here in Apalit, this is when we realized that we should have gotten baptized before.

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hello everyone! i was a former member of ang dating daan (from the are just allowed to wear skirts dress code i just can't. i looked like a total. Dating Daan Dress Code. 28 03 - hello everyone! i was a former member of ang dating daan (from the. wear skirts dress code i just can't. i looked like a.

That time, there was something that hindered us: I told her that I would. When we were just in line, I was already nervous. Then, as I was walking towards the baptistery, I was about to cry already. Then after I was immersed, it felt so good inside. I also heard the one about graven images. In other groups, there is no God. I asked my father and looked in the Bible.

My father would always bring me to Prayer Meetings and Thanksgivings. I also got to listen on radio while my father listened to Bro. People of different nationalities would ask him there. When I got baptized, I felt that I had hope. I was just really elated when I got baptized. One time, I got into a debate with my classmate, the Top 1 in our class. I said that kneeling down to graven images is wrong. She got mad at me. He preached to his children what he knew about religion and his belief.

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He overdid it sometimes that I could say he had assumed the role of a preacher. I see it as his way of protecting us, however. In contrast, I had a liberated mind. When I was in my teenage years, I often witnessed my father arguing with my eldest brother, John Jerry, because of religion. You see, I was not the only one who was different in our family. My brother was also religious like the rest of our household, but it was his belief that was different. He even countered them.

Newly Baptized Testimonials: February 29, 2016

Sometimes he seemed to be doing it on purpose just to prove to my father that those practices were wrong. My brother believed the one he kept on watching on television. The program Ang Dating Daan , was his daily fare; he was hooked on that. He kept on listening to Bro. I was hearing Bro. As a young adult exposed to the banalities of the world, I was fond of whatever pleasant and trendy were to my senses. I preferred watching movies than viewing the religious program that my brother was loyally watching.

As an effect, we often argued about who would be TV commando. I often heard Bro. One time I tried to entertain what Bro. He was so frank and straightforward, and he gave examples to prove his point using gestures and words. It got me entertained. I was laughing and laughing while he was discussing.

I did not know how much foolishness was involved in those beliefs. But they were funny and illogical. He gestured with his hands and he did so for emphasis. I got hurt and was so angry with Bro. Eli because we were born and raised as Catholics. It was so hard to accept that we were practicing unbiblical ways all throughout our lives. However, what he was saying was true and he had basis for those as he read the Bible. It went on like that. As my brother kept on watching the program, I got interested too with Bro. I laughed whenever I heard him discussing the errors of other religions.

It always entertained me. During those times I was worldly and that was the truth. I was fond of wearing micro miniskirts — measuring just a stretch from the thumb to the middle finger. I often went out for stroll with my peers, wearing the latest trend in fashion — and walking by the streets in micro -minis. Tattoo was one of the craze among teens during my time. The day I was scheduled to have my very first tattoo — and it was supposed to be at my nape — I heard Bro. Eli on his broadcast.

He read the verse stating that imprinting even a comma on your skin is an abominable act in the sight of God.


I suddenly got scared! Then body piercing followed as the next hip thing among teenagers that time. I was planning to have my nose pierced, and then I heard again Bro. Eli saying the same thing for body piercing as an act that is not pleasant in the sight of the Lord. I cancelled again my plan. Next, I had my haircut. After that I heard Bro. Eli reading the passage in the book of Corinthians He explained that women must keep their hair naturally long and for men to keep them short. The pang of guilt in me was too much.

I regretted having my hair cut. Why did he seem to know the things I planned to do? Why did he manage to speak words that apply to my case each time when he could not see me? With those series of events, I decided to avoid listening to him, resorting to watching movies instead. Later, it got me to reconsider my faith. The turning point in my life — when I abandoned the Catholic faith — was when I tested myself asking for a sign.

Eli saying one time about the sign of the cross being unbiblical and is actually being anti-Christ.

DEBATE: Ang Dating Daan( Bro Eli Soriano) vs Born Again

One day, my brother invited me to attend their Pasalamat Thanksgiving Service.