Dating a lodge skillet

Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets

When I saw this, I knew it was going home with me. Here is what I know about this skillet, but correct me if I'm wrong. This is a single notch lodge which from the links and information I've found here dates to sometime between I'd like to narrow that date down to a specific decade, and I believe its on the earlier side of that range because of the raised letter molders mark.

Some of my curiosities surrounding this is how did it find its way to Utah? I'm inclined to believe that it's been someones possesion nearby for the majority if not all of its lifespan, from knowing some mormon history and culture. So what kind of retailers would have carried this during that time period?

Lodge Cast iron

Collecting cast iron here in Santa Cruz, California I find an abundance of unmarked Lodge pieces. The majority are of the 3 notched heat ring. The cast-iron skillets in your kitchen probably came from Lodge Manufacturing because I called my wife from Bentonville, Arkansas, to ask her for our first date.

Is there any other information or links outside of CastIron Collector or The Pan Handler that you know of that would provide good information? It's currently soaking in Easy Off to be stripped and cleaned and reseasoned to be a daily user. The 3 notch Lodge is being stripped as well but because of its wobble, it will be reserved for the coals of campfires. So, based on the raised mark, it's probably towards the beginning of that period. But unless you invent a time machine, you'll never know for sure.

They reused molds all the time.

Lodge History

I don't know who sold cast iron in that time frame, but Lodge still is one of the big US manufactures, so it could probably have been bought locally. Or it could be someone who retired to Utah, or, hell, the antique store owner could have bought it on a trip to the east coast. Again, there really isn't way to tell. I believe the molder's mark or pattern mark was in the pattern itself, then the sand was put into the pattern, then iron into the sand.

But I'm not that knowledgeable about cast iron making, more dating how old American iron is. As far as other groups if this isn't enough there are a TON on facebook, and usually every major brand has their own group. There are a TON of Facebook groups. Search for them, they are mostly closed but its easy to get access. They are the resource. You have to pay for membership, but if you are really into it, they are awesome. I mean really awesome.

Vintage Cast Iron is Highly Collectible

Second would be the Red and Blue Books. One other question, I understand these earlier pieces were cast from sand. Was the molders mark a part of the cast or was it imprinted into the sand each time? There are a few different things here. Individual mold makers sometimes had their own marks, and sometimes different work shifts had marks. If you run across a pan with an underlined number imprinted sideways on the bottom center of the pan, you likely have a pan that was manufactured by Vollrath pan in thes and s.

Vollrath cast iron skillet no. BSR manufactured many pieces of kitchenware. BSR manufactured non-enameled cast iron pans between about and Take a good look at the underside of the handle of your no-name skillet. Is there a ridge that goes all the way to the outer wall of the pan? This is a telltale sign of all unmarked BSR pans.

There are three primary BSR lines of cast iron skillets. All have the ridge on the underside of the handle that goes directly to the side wall.

Dating Cast Iron

These skillets typically have only a number, often followed by a letter, incised in the bottom of the pan near the handle. The pour spouts on these skillets are smaller than seen on other skillets. Beneath the number is the diameter of the pan in inches, i. They are marked the same as the s Century skillets, but the name of the piece — i. Wagner Manufacturing Company, Sidney, Ohio: Unmarked Wagner pans are commonly found.

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Page 1 of 2. If you post food, give us the recipe, or at least a story on what happened as a comment in the post. I went into an antique store and found a collection of about items, ranging from some very beat up dutch ovens, to this piece. All times are GMT These days, when everything is produced for the bottom line, cast iron is made with a machine, which means the attention to detail when done by hand gets lost. Self-promotion of products Dealer link drops posting items for sale without approval Affiliate Links Individual exceptions to rule 4 may be made if mod approval is acquired in advance. Beneath the number is the diameter of the pan in inches, i.

Often times unmarked Wagner pans are mistaken for BSR pans. One notable difference is that the ridge on the underside of the handle flattens out before it meets the side wall of the skillet. The flattening out is a telltale sign that the pan was not manufactured by BSR. Unmarked Wagner cast iron skillet; ridge on underside of handle flattens out where it meets the outer wall.

The bottom of unmarked Wagner pans may be smooth, or they may have a heat ring.

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They may be marked with the size in diameter, e. The pans often have a letter on the bottom of the pan in a Times New Roman-type font, and on the underside of the handle.

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Unmarked Wagner Ware cast iron skillet; marked only with B on the bottom of the skillet and on the underside of the handle. Unmarked Wagner Ware skillet. Note the Times New Roman type face and break in ride on underside of handle. Note letter on bottom of skillet and underside of handle. The line is therefore somewhat blurred as to whether certain pieces were manufactured by CHF or by Favorite.

There is debate in the cast iron world as to whether these pans were manufactured by CHF or by Favorite. I hope that this little dissertation on identification is helpful to you as you hunt for vintage cast iron cookware!

Vintage Cast Iron Guide

Bookmarked the website and will definitely order again. The waffle iron from is beyond what I had Imagined. One pan I tried immediately and it was totally non […]. Even though it traveled cross country it arrived before Christmas so I could have it out on display. Thanks for another great one.

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Have a wonderful Christmas. I am over the moon with happiness!!!!! Merry Christmas to you […]. Copyright The Pan Handler , , , , Old gate marked skillet griddle. Number 8 Lodge cast iron skillet circa s — ; 4. Griswold ERIE spider skillet, mfd.

Identifying Old Cast Iron Pans

Iron Mountain pans have a distinctive shape to the handle. Telltale BSR ridge on underside of handle; fully reaches to side wall. BSR Century Series skillet no. Note the Times New Roman type face. Unmarked Wagner post s. This Pan Handler blog post… EstateSales. Org is Blogging About Us!